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We would like to thank each of you for visiting our donation page and for believing in our mission. We want to make “collaborative wellness” a state of mind and a movement of action throughout of our communities. Let’s do healthy together. In that spirit, I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity. Your donations sustain us. I’m looking forward to serving and working with each of you as we work on our bodies, minds, and spirits as one big global village.

Robi Reed – Emmy Award Winning Casting Director and Founder/Board President of The Reed For Hope Foundation

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The Reed For Hope Foundation (RFHF) mission is to improve the vitality of the global village by working to change specific cultural attitudes about wellness, disease prevention and health disparities through, among other things, the strategic implementation of messages and programs that impact social trends. We aim to inspire our friends, our partners and our communities to join us in raising our voices on targeted health issues while bringing focus, action and HOPE to causes that enhance the quality of living for all.