RFHF’s  mission  is to improve the vitality of the global village by changing specific cultural attitudes about wellness, disease prevention and health disparities through the strategic implementation of messages that impact pop culture. We aim to inspire our friends, our partners and our communities to join us in raising our voices on targeted health issues while bringing focus, action and HOPE to causes that enhance the quality of living for all.

In 2002, after casting more than one hundred movie and television projects over three decades, Robi Reed, an award winning casting director, hosted what was intended to be an intimate gathering of friends, which ended up being a summer barbecue with over 600 people.  After having such a successful event, Reed decided to make this an annual event coined, Sunshine Beyond Summer: A Day Party with a Purpose. Increasing in size every year, Reed now uses the event, with well over 2,000 attendees, as a vehicle to raise funds for the Reed for Hope Foundation (RFHF).  RFHF raises awareness for disease prevention for life threatening diseases like HIV, supports women’s and children’s health initiatives, and seeks to generally make the world a healthier place through wellness education.  This foundation is a call to action for celebrities, talent executives and philanthropists to join us in raising our voices on targeted health issues while bringing focus, action, and hope to causes that enhance the quality of living for all.  We aim to join community partners to implement this agenda which includes:

Disease Prevention

•  Maximize health in our communities

•  Provide forums, presentations and exhibitions that educate

•  Encourage charitable giving to eliminate, prevent and control diseases in our community

•  Expand accessibility and effectiveness of education and training opportunities about diseases plaguing our communities


•    Promote healthier lifestyles through healthy home gardens

•  Increase access to healthy food and organic food sources

•  Provide education about health benefits of regular physical activity

Health Disparities

Educate and involve partners in the entertainment sector on improving health and equity in our community

Incorporate concepts of civic and social responsibility in health and equity discourse Identify and pursue funding opportunities to support the priorities of this plan

Encourage public, private and nonprofit organizations to prioritize and budget for health equity Build and maintain a collaborative public-private partnership structure to implement healthplan Influence and create public policy that supports health and equity

Save Us Some Water

Accessing humanitarian services that improve quality of life globally, including but not limited to drilling water wells and implementing clean and renewable drinking water systems

Provide education about the importance of clean water

Provide dignity, health and a future through the provision of clean water