In 2002, after casting more than one hundred movie and television projects over three decades, Robi Reed, an award winning casting director, hosted what was intended to be an intimate gathering of friends but ended up being a summer barbecue with over 600 people. After having such a successful event, Reed decided to make this an annual get together coined, Sunshine Beyond Summer: A Day Party With a Purpose. Increasing in size every year, Reed now uses the event as a vehicle to raise funds for the Reed For Hope Foundation, which raises awareness for life threatening disease prevention like HIV, supports women’s and children’s health initiatives, and makes the world a healthier place. This foundation is a call to action for celebrities, talent executives and philanthropists join us in raising our voices on targeted health issues while bringing focus, action and hope to causes that enhance the quality of living for all. We aim to join community partners to implement this agenda across multiple sectors. Summary recommendations include: